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Tridente was born from a love of all things classic, an appreciation of simple design and things well made. Our original beach paddles were born from endless childhood summers on the sunny beaches of Crete playing "Raketes". Realizing the universal love for this game of friendship, Tridente decided to craft a superb line of handmade beach paddles in homage to "the official sport of summer".


"Raketes" is the unofficial sport of the Greek summer. On any beach or park in Greece you can find people engaged in this high spirited game of cooperation and friendship.


Raketes is a cooperative outdoor game played between two or more people. A medium-density rubber ball is volleyed back and forth between players, each holding a wooden paddle that is roughly twice as large as a ping-pong paddle. The goal of Raketes is not to allow the ball to hit the ground. Raketes is not an inherently competitive game, but scoring and rules can be imposed if so desired. Despite its simplicity, Raketes is extremely fun and can be played by anyone with enough strength to lift the paddle.


One of the beauties of Raketes is that very little equipment is necessary to play the game. The only things necessary to play Raketes are the paddles and a ball.

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